Finlandia Foundation New York Metropolitan Chapter, Inc is the leading non-profit organization dedicated solely to promote Finnish-American cultural exchange in the tri-state area. We give out scholarship to students and arrange various cultural events throughout the year.

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Our longstanding member and dear friend, Anna-Liisa Rintala in memoriam.

Our events this year are as follows. Besides these, we have an active role in many other events that take place on this festive Finnish Independence Day Celebration year.

5/12/2017 FF NYMC Annual Meeting

6/11/2017 FFN Performer of the year, Pirjo Polari Khan at Fort Tryon Park

9/9/2017 Finland100NYC Street Fair and evening party

11/22/2017 Sibelius Inspiration Multimedia Concert together with the Scandinavia House

12/2/2017 Finland 100 Gala (TBC)

FF NYMC wishes to thank these people for their recent support:

Edward Laisi Estate

Tuulikki Leino, in memory of Mr. Lee Alperin

James and Celeste Miller, in memory of Judge John Pessala

Sven and Hillevi Paul, in memory of Mr. Bert Stromholm

Ethel Salonen Ollin, Harold Ollin and Henry Salonen in memory of Anna-Liisa Rintala

Pirjo Sorgi, in memory of Mrs. Raili Washburn

Lotta M. Stewart in memory of Dr. Richard Impola

FF NYMC wishes to thank all these individuals for supporting us last year!

Anonymous, Anneli Alperin, in memory of Lee Alperin, Aino Backstrand, in memory of Lee Alperin, Ritva Cepeda, in memory of Yrjö Juhani Vänttinen, John and Janet Erickson, in memory of Lee Alperin, Jonathan Epstein, Tuula Feineis, Heljä Harrison, Spencer Hlidebrand and Paula Hoffren, Helena Herrmann, Aili Flint, in memory of Austin Flint, Adele Ideström, Karina Jablonowski, Lea Kantelinen, George Karl and Sanna Lemmetti, Kaske-Cirigliano family, in memory of Edith and Paul Kaske, Lilian Kilder, Eero and Soile Kilpi, Sija Kolehmainen, in memory of Lee Alperin, Anja Kortmann, Joseph and Hilkka Kosinsky, Anja Laine, Tuulikki Leino, Pentti Lindholm, Reijo and Maria Mäkelä, Ossi Närhi, in memory of Emil and Hilli Närhi, Terttu Ovaska, Eric Orava, Tuula Pasola-Alberino, Jaana Rehnström, Leena Scutt, Anneli Stanton, Antoine and Petra Tabry, Oili Tikkanen, Leena Toivonen, Hannele Troise, Irma Vollrath and Laila Williamson.

Our former President, Lee Alperin in memoriam.


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Finland in August 

Finland in August 


Apply Scholarship For Studies

Apply Scholarship For Studies

The Finlandia Foundation New York Metropolitan Chapter has a distinguished record of awarding scholarships to qualified individuals for study in the United States and Finland in such fields as: science, medicine, business, music, art, history, education, and Finnish studies. Read more of the details and application process.


Finnish Heritage For Life

Finnish Heritage For Life

The Finlandia Foundation New York Metropolitan Chapter Is A Non-Profit Organization, Governed By A Board Of Directors, Which Supports And Cultivates Finnish Culture In The New York Tri-State Area.

We Invite You To Help The Finlandia Foundation® Achieve Its Mission By Joining Our Efforts In Support Of Finnish-American Exchange!

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Support And See Growth

Support And See Growth

Finlandia Foundation New York Metropolitan Chapter is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.  This means that your unrestricted donations are 100% tax deductible.  We accept donations to our scholarship funds and in support of our activities to preserve Finnish culture in the greater New York area.

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