There are many opportunities to contribute to the Foundation's mission and purpose, and we welcome volunteers in all areas of our organization. We welcome your ideas on how the Finlandia Foundation New York Metropolitan Chapter can serve the Finnish Community and regarding our activities. Please contact us at:



Eero Kilpi, President

Maria Mäkelä, Executive Vice President

Paula Hoffren, Treasurer

Sirkka McMenamin, Secretary

Board of Directors:

Kaija Caldara

Henrikki Harsu

Judy Kaske-Cirigliano

Binnie Kirk

Sanna Lemmetti

Mikko Peltoniemi

Elina Snellman-Lang

Committee Chairs:

Membership: Judy Kaske-Cirigliano
Music: Elina Snellman-Lang
Nominating: Maria Mäkelä
Program: Sanna Lemmetti
Investments: Eero Kilpi
Scholarships: Kaija Caldara
Newsletter: Binnie Kirk
Website: Binnie Kirk


Our past presidents, who have sustained this organization for future leaders:
1954-1958 Theodore M. Purdy, 1959-1964 Reino Aarnio, 1964-1981 Dr. Raymond Luomanen, 1981-1984 Albert A. Star, 1984-1986 Juha Makipaa, 1986-1988 J. Philip Smith, 1988-1991 Albert Star, 1991-2000 Marja Roth-Sopanen, 2000-2001 Lee Alperin, 2001-2003 Klaus-Peter Finke-Härkönen (Peter Finke), 2003-2006 Bo W. Long, 2006-2008 Petra Tabry, 2008-2013 Tarja Silverman